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A Christian forum dedicated to the discussion of how a nation based entirely off of biblical principles ought to be like. We believe that Righteousness Exalteth a Nation, and that God's righteous hand is necessary for the blessing of any nation.
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 Discussion room instructions

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Sir Emeth Mimetes

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PostSubject: Discussion room instructions   Discussion room instructions Icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2009 7:04 am


Here is the instructions for how to use the Discussion room.

The goal in each of the three discussions allowed in here is to come to a conclusion that furthers our understanding of how our nation ought to run under biblical principles. All of our conversation ought to be geared towards that end, so stick to the topics. Make sure that you are contributing something and not just posting to post as some are apt to do.

Be willing to admit that you are wrong and try to maintain as high a standard of intercourse as possible. Think of it like you are in parliament or in the Second Continental Congress.

If you are impatient to finish a current topic so that we can get on to yours that is waiting in the Queue, help resolve the issue by helping assist communication, by researching out points brought up, and by not muddying the waters or getting on people's nerves.

Use catalyst and devil's advocate posts with caution and wisdom.

Jay Lauser

I am Sir Emeth Mimetes (knighted to the warfare of truth by the calling of Christ, the Master of my order), and thus, though poorly is it ever met by my feeble abilities, is my mission: to combat those ideas that are rooted in mindsets that are contrary to my Master.
May I never forsake abiding in Him, and may His ways never cease to thrive within my heart, for He only is my strength and hope.
note: emeth is Hebrew for truth, right, faithful;
mimetes is Greek for an imitator or follower.
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Discussion room instructions
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