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A Christian forum dedicated to the discussion of how a nation based entirely off of biblical principles ought to be like. We believe that Righteousness Exalteth a Nation, and that God's righteous hand is necessary for the blessing of any nation.
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 Instructions and protocol

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Sir Emeth Mimetes

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Instructions and protocol Empty
PostSubject: Instructions and protocol   Instructions and protocol Icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2009 2:57 am


This is a post to give an overview of how this forum is going to work.

I have designed and crafted the permissions on this forum in particular ways in the interest of making our communication on here as productive of value and as devoid of waste as possible. It may seem a little strange at first, but I hope that we will get used to it.

Only one of the three conversation rooms will be open (or "in session") at one time. The order of their being in session is as follows: Align, Act, Adjust. The function of these rooms is described in "The Communication Catalyst."

There will be only three discussions allowed at one time in the Discussion room. This is to help us focus and come too conclusions faster and more efficiently. If you want to propose a topic for discussion, start the thread in the Queue and moderators will move it into the Discussion room when there is an opening and when it is its turn.

Try to limit the time spent in the Interaction section as much as possible: this is more or less a business forum. Only moderators can post new topics in the Introductions and Felicitations rooms.

There will be four “special” types of posts used on this forum that are different from ordinary posts. Use them with discretion, and pay attention to them. The formating is applied manually using BBCode.

First, Mod notes will look like this:

Mod Note:

Only Moderators will get to use this type of post. Its purpose is to notify users of out-of-line behavior on a thread. The coding is as follows (remove the spaces in the tags): [ color=olive ][ b ]Mod Note: body [ /b ][ /color ].

Secondly, Catalyst posts will look like this:

study Catalyst posts are used to ask questions in a Socratic manner to find ground of agreement between parties who are getting frazzled. They are meant to be “diplomatic” posts, so use wisely. The coding is as follows (remove the spaces in the tags): [ color=blue ] : study : body [ /color ]

Thirdly, Devil's Advocate posts will look like this:

Evil or Very Mad Devil's Advocate posts are used with kindness and discretion to test and challenge assertions to help an author to give support and check his basis. These posts will always come from the same starting-point as the rest of us (you can't use them to come from an atheist's perspective, etc.), but they may possibly not represent the opinions of the author. Be very judicious in their use. The coding is as follows (remove the spaces in the tags): [ color=red ] : evil : body [ /color ]

Fourth, Conclusion posts will look like this:

This will sum up the conclusions made in the course of a discussion in the Discussion room. After one of these posts have been made the discussion will be archived. Don't post this until everyone is agreed on its content or you are delegated to do so by a moderator. Don't continue the discussion after a conclusion has been posted. The coding is as follows (remove the spaces from the tags): [ color=green ] Conclusion: body [ /color ]

Always use wisdom and think before you post!

Jay Lauser

I am Sir Emeth Mimetes (knighted to the warfare of truth by the calling of Christ, the Master of my order), and thus, though poorly is it ever met by my feeble abilities, is my mission: to combat those ideas that are rooted in mindsets that are contrary to my Master.
May I never forsake abiding in Him, and may His ways never cease to thrive within my heart, for He only is my strength and hope.
note: emeth is Hebrew for truth, right, faithful;
mimetes is Greek for an imitator or follower.
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Instructions and protocol
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