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 Taxation, an unnecessary burden?

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Sir Emeth Mimetes

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Taxation, an unnecessary burden? Empty
PostSubject: Taxation, an unnecessary burden?   Taxation, an unnecessary burden? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2009 3:03 am

Where Should We Stand On Taxation?

Taxation has been a highly controversial issue even among conservatives. There have been many differing perspectives voiced. It is, however, a crucial issue that must be dealt with, and in a reasonable manner. Prejudices and unfounded or weak assumptions are prevalent on this issue. Let us try to think outside of the box.

I agree with Ronald Reagan's assertions that high taxes do not equate always with high revenues, and that low tax rates actually will increase funds for the government, and also increase the more important thing, liberty. I also believe that a righteous nation's government (government of the civil magistrate) ought to live by faith in God as much as a family or a church ought to live by faith in God. And so I ask, is it possible to do away with taxes altogether? Is it possible for the civil magistrate's functions be supplied with funds in the same manner as a non-profit organization? Namely, with donations and such like?

  • How much funding does the government actually need?
  • How reliable is the low-taxation=high-revenue rule?
  • Is it possible to do away with taxes?
  • And if so, how?

With joy and peace in Christ,
Jay Lauser

I am Sir Emeth Mimetes (knighted to the warfare of truth by the calling of Christ, the Master of my order), and thus, though poorly is it ever met by my feeble abilities, is my mission: to combat those ideas that are rooted in mindsets that are contrary to my Master.
May I never forsake abiding in Him, and may His ways never cease to thrive within my heart, for He only is my strength and hope.
note: emeth is Hebrew for truth, right, faithful;
mimetes is Greek for an imitator or follower.
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Taxation, an unnecessary burden?
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