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A Christian forum dedicated to the discussion of how a nation based entirely off of biblical principles ought to be like. We believe that Righteousness Exalteth a Nation, and that God's righteous hand is necessary for the blessing of any nation.
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Crucial books for members to read

I rarely say that a book is a "must read." This is because of the phrase's over usage and deprivation of meaning. There are few books listed today as must-reads which really are. But I have found four books which I believe are crucial to the members of this forum and which must be read! This commendation comes from me not just because of simply good style (which they also have), but because their message is crucial for our success. And so, with it known that I do not say it idly, I say that the following four books are crucial for you to acquire and read.

  • The Bible is the most crucial book that I can recommend. Read it; study it; live it; heed it. It is the highest authority; it is the drive and guide for our project.

  • "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat is rightly named a classic. It conclusively and logically makes a biblical case for strong, but limited government.

  • A book covering some of the crucial and essential aspects of true economy that are sadly missed and neglected by politicians is "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt.

  • Communication is the means by which our friendships exist, and by which our success depends. And so I give you a link to a summary and review of "The Communication Catalyst." Read it: it will give you a working summary of the book and its message.

Read these books and further the success of our endeavor.